Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Iron Warriors Army Log

Behold the creations wrought by my Daemonic Forge:

I am turning this Centurion into a counts-as Obliterator for my Iron Warriors and so far it is looking good. Still planning to add more weapons but for now i find that it is pure art.

Friday, August 8, 2014

Chaos Space Marine Warbands of Interest

Now do note that all of my CSM armies are 1st Founding Legions but i do actually like a few Warbands and if i had the time, money, and patience then i would likely have enough CSM stuff to do a Black Crusade (but without the Black Legion). So in this post i am going to show a little of the Warbands i like:

Blood Gorgons

The Blood Gorgons are featured in at least 2 novels and are one of the most unique CSM groups in the 40k universe. The only problem for those who want to make their CSM army in this image is that it require GS for every model and event hen the Color Scheme is never 100% certain. You see their armor is only every described as being colored like Burnt Umber, now if you google that color you will get a ton of different shades of Red and Brown. Also this image above (taken from the Novel's cover) shows their trim as silver HOWEVER the cover of 6th Edition Codex CSM has a "tinting" of it which makes their main color far more red and their trim into goldish brass. Dafuq GW? Make up your mind (even stranger is that the BGs are never mentioned in Codex CSM).

Brotherhood of Darkness

There is barely any information on the BoD other than they have aided both the Nigh Lords and Ahriman's Thousand Sons Warband. It seems obviously that they are derived from the Night Lords but they are listed as unknown when you inquire about their Legion origin. The main reason i would want to paint them is their sick color scheme, i mean LOOK AT THEM! They are so cool but i bet painting this scheme on every model is a nightmare.

Company of Misery

The CoM were a Loyalist Chapter that got sent into pure hell on a daily basis by the IoM and eventually told them to fuck off. I can respect that. Anyways other than that they have almost no information although they were featured in 6th Edition Codex CSM although the 1 model painted in their scheme was half-assed. I like their color scheme alot and i realize it would take a tad bit more effort than your traditional color schemes but i feel it could be done and this scheme would look glorious on vehicles and such.

Death Shadows

The Death Shadows were one of the Loyalist Chapters sent on the Abyssal Crusade and returned as Chaos devotees. They have actually attacked Ultramar head on which is impressive although they did lose and then their homeworld got eaten by the Nidz. So we do not know if they are still kicking but that doe snot mean we cannot paint up an army in their image. These guys are like the Raven Guard in that they are stealthy and can blend into the shadows and are said to fight like ghosts. Their scheme is simple but the "issue" is that they require a mix of CSM parts and Dark Angel parts and i will tell you now: I really dont ever want to give anyone money for anything related to the Dark Angels.

Red Corsairs

Everybody should know who the Red Corsairs are. They are by far the most successful Chaos group not directly tied to a 1st Founding traitor legion. They own the Maelstrom like the hundreds of warbands own the Eye of Terror and that is impressive. They are originally formed of the Astral Claws but have since assimilated so many Traitor Marines, Guardsmen, and Pirates that they are the size of an original Legion. Now as for their color scheme they have 3 colors that you randomly spread across each marine's armor. No 2 marines should really match and even better is that you can take any marine (loyal or traitor) who is already painted and just slap a red X over their chapter badge and Tada! Red Corsair!

Steel Brethren

Now the Iron Warriors are one of my armies so you may ask "Why would you want to make an army for the exact same thing?". Well i wouldn't really but i would like to have a squad or 2 of these guys. Their color scheme is so nice especially when you get it through Drybrushing, only issue i have is that they do not use the Hazard Stripes like their IW brothers. Oh well they cannot all be perfect eh?

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Alpha Legion Army Log

I began my Alpha Legion army 2-3 years ago but i got rid of all my original models about a year ago because i did not like the colors i had painted. After finding a method that gave me the exact color set i wanted i started back up however now i only really want Forge World minis for most of my Astartes but as the army will have Astra Militarum Allies i am still going for plenty of those units from GW including those epic Scions. My goal is to have maybe 5 squads of Astartes, a Librarian, a Techmarine, a Terminator squad, a Dreadnought (which i have), 1 squad of generic CSMs, and finally a TON of IGs. Hopefully it works out but only time (and Tzeentch) will tell.

This is one of my Astartes in glorious Mk IV armor with a CSM Plasma Gun. Most of my AL will be standing on bases which resemble the surface of Mars because i wanted a scheme that was easy to make but also didn't blend with the model's armor. Unfortunately my Dreadnought does not have this base-type as i came up with the idea quite a while later.

This is the WIP of my Champion who will count as a Sergeant in-game but is the leader of the Cell. My HQ will likely be the Librarian or maybe there will be a Terminator Captain, not sure yet. Anyways the Champion so far is a combo of many different sets. The body and legs are from the FW Legion Mk IV set, the arms are from the Tempestus Scions set, the Plasma Pistol is from the Space marine Commander set, the Knife is from the Aspiring Champion set, the little book on his hip is from the Scion set, and lastly (although it isnt visible in this image) is the knife sheath on his lower back from the Space Wolves squad/pack set. All this guy needs is a head and backpack. I am trying to work on 2 heads and just magnetize them so i can choose. The Helmets will be:
 This is the Helm of Alpharius from Dawn of War Soulstorm's campaign mode while the next is the AL Champion skin from THQ's Space Marine. Both require custom builds and a bit of greenstuff but i will get it done at some point

Markos System

Markos System

The Markos System is located in the Segmentum Tempestus and contains 4 planets of which 3 are inhabitable. The system is claimed by the Imperium of Man but is considered unimportant as it does not possess Astartes recruiting worlds, Forge worlds, or resources of note. There are 2 moons in the system, Traitor's Watch orbiting Markos II and Markos Minor orbiting Kirum-Vair. The system's star is a Red Dwarf called Lernaea which has made the closest planet to it, Markos Alpha, uninhabitable due to extreme heat. Markos II and Kirum-Vair have planetary Governors while Wodahs lacks government and is mostly inhabited by Abhumans who have been shunned by the Humans of the other worlds.

Markos Alpha

This world is covered in scorched brimstone and volcanoes and is the closest to Lernaea causing the world to be impossible to survive on. Many expeditions have been made to tunnel beneath the crust on the side not currently facing Lernaea but so far no resources have been recovered as each group is either killed by the planet's heat or retreat to prevent this.

Markos II

Markos II is a mostly jungle and desert world with many cities dotting it's surface. The bulk of it's water is underground giving the planet a lack of blue from space. Though not as populated as Kirum-Vair this world still has a high population of devout worshipers of the Emperor. This world has been attacked by the forces of Chaos on a few occasions, although why this world is made a target over the massive hive world that is Kirum-Vair is unclear. Markos II is run by Governor Rauk Stalm and is primarily focused on religious endeavors. Notable in the human population is a fear of the world's jungles and Abhumans. The population's fear of the jungle has caused most of the world to be considered unexplored although before the planet began deporting abhumans to Wodahs most of them willingly explored the jungles and brought back exotic foods. The cities of the world are protected by a Zealous PDF who are the ones to enforce the anti-mutant sentiments of the planet's government.

Traitor's Watch

Traitor's Watch is the moon orbiting Markos II and is viewed with superstition by the zealots of Markos II. Prior to the Horus Heresy the moon was known for being a prison fortress for various criminals throughout the system. At some point the prisoners took control of the moon and used the fortress' weapons and ships to launch attacks on Markos II but were wiped out as the Emperor's Great Crusade had arrived at the Markos System, although which Legion was present is unknown. The moon was cleared of all criminals and facilities and to this day the inhabitants of Markos II believe the moon to be cursed. This works to the advantage of Diamondback who have set up their primary base beneath the surface of Traitor's Watch.


Wodahs is a world that has no form of local governing is inhabited by Abhumans and humans who have fled the law on Markos II or Kirum-Vair. The planet is mostly a barren wasteland with the remains of ancient structures built by humans thousands of years ago. For reasons lost to time the world was abandoned by colonists and is only used now to deport mutants to. The Abhumans who live here are peaceful for the most part but have grudging distrust of humans. The mutants have built basic settlements out of the ruins of the old inhabitants and survive by hunting the various serpents that live on the planet. Technology is very low on this world as the Abhumans make no attempts to advance, merely surviving is their goal. The closest to a form of government that the planet has is a chain of tribes who have banded together. Their rules are simple: Hunt your own food, do no steal, do not fight each other.


Kirum Vair is the most populated planet in the system as it is a Hive World although it has no significant exports therefore making it low-priority to the IoM. Kirum-Vair, in an old dialect made before the Great Crusade, means Stand and Fight which indicates that the ancient humans from before IoM-rule were very war-like. Kirum-Vair is run by Governess Muira Crain who rules the city with an iron fist. Most say that she has no heart and there are rumors that she kidnaps children to cannibalize although this considered slander which is punishable by death. The planet shares Markos II's anti-mutant mindset and sends all abhumans to Wodahs against their will. Kirum-Vair is well known for it's elite PDF who are constantly at war with troublesome gangs in the hives. The PDF are considered more akin to hit-squads than law enforcers as there is no prison on this world, death is the only punishment given out to troublemakers. The Governess is said to have ties to the Inquisition which only further adds to the citizens' loathing of her.

Markos Minor

Markos Minor is Kirum-Vair's moon and unlike Traitor's Watch it is inhabited by a small station which acts as a relay outpost and checkpoint for Imperial Guard regiments passing through the system. The moon is desolate landscape-wise but much calmer and less-frantic compared to Kirum-Vair which means the PDF rotated to it often consider it the "Vacation Moon".

Governor Rauk Stalm

Rauk Stalm is a zealot of the Emperor and runs his planet as a church. Stalm has an irrational fear of mutants much like the rest of Markos II's population and he gladly continues the world's tradition of deporting abhumans. The Governor is quite old although the records on his birth have been "lost" along with most details of the world's inner-workings. Rauk has a palace in Markos II's capital city called "Shining Light" where he leads sermons to the God-Emperor of Mankind from his elaborate, golden balcony.

Governess Muira Crain

Muira Crain is likely the most corrupt individual on Kirum-Vair and does not even attempt to hide it. Due to her ties to the Inquisition she has never been removed from her position as Governor and enjoys a complete freedom of power. Unknown to the IoM however is that she is corrupted by Chaos and is an asset of the Alpha Legion, supplying them with intel and operatives from her elite PDF bodyguards. Although she is a politician she has also been trained in the PDF so that she can personally perform the death-sentences she gives out so often.

Inquisitorial Monitoring

For unknown reasons the Inquisition has an interest in the Markos System and has assigned an Inquisitor to monitor the inhabitants. This Inquisitor is named Sylas Veragom and he is known to be a close friend of the Governess of Kirum-Vair. Sylas is a very ponderous individual and is well-suited for his job of observing and reporting on all the occurrences of the system. He takes a special interest in monitoring the constant war between the PDF and gangs on Kirum-Vair. Sylas also happens to be an Agent of the Alpha Legion who was indoctrinated from birth to serve and was trained to join the Inquisition as a long-term scheme by Diamondback to ensure control of the Markos System.

Ivory Praetorians, Successors of the Ultramarines

Ivory Praetorians

The Ivory Praetorians are a Successor Chapter of the Ultramarines from the recent 26th Founding. As a newer Chapter they have not had as much time to prove themselves in the eyes of their parent Chapter, however they have already suffered severe setbacks. The Chapter has lost it's primary recruiting world not a standard century after their rise to full strength to the Ork hordes of Warboss Gitskwisha. In the Chapter's arrogance and over-reliance on the Codex Astartes they were unprepared for the rapid and devastating assault by the Greenskins which cost the Chapter it's prime recruiting world on the edge of the Eastern Fringe. This setback has twisted the way that the Praetorians conduct warfare and handle tactics, causing them to willingly defy the Codex. The Praetorians are well known for their discipline in melee combat and their use of Combat Shields and Boarding Shields in Testudo Formations. Visually their equipment is stylized much like the Ultramarines Chapter including Power Swords shaped like Gladius' as well as laurels upon their helmets.


The Ivory Praetorians wear mostly Mark VI, VII, and VIII Power Armor which is painted white and resembles Quartz. Their armor's details are silver while their pauldron insets are red. Standard Marines paint the vent on the top of their helmets red while the Veteran Marines extend this into a stripe that goes farther down their faceplate to the top of their lenses. Sergeants wear a plume on their helmets mounted longitudinally while Captains wear a plume transversely. The color of the plume is determined by their Company's color layed out by the Codex Astartes. Once an Astartes has survived a difficult conflict they are allowed to add a Laurel design to their helmets although very few of the Astartes in the Praetorians have these considering their inexperience. A notable exclusion to the design of the Praetorian's armor is that they never wear gold, not even for their revered relics. The cause of this is unknown. 

Ivory Praetorian Marine of the 5th Company


The Praetorians are well trained in melee combat, primarily with swords and spears. Although they are quite skilled with ranged weaponry they use these as a means to an end so that they can close the gap between the enemy and themselves to allow for close-quarters combat. They are also very skilled in defensive tactics and make use of an enormous amount of Combat Shields and Boarding Shields in their squads which they use to create Testudo Formations. Combining this tactic with their inherent skill with swords they are a sight to behold on the battlefield when they cleave though enemy squads.

Poltergeist Squad

Poltergeist Squad is one of the Praetorians newer tactics which deviates heavily from the Codex. A squad of Librarian aspirants led by a full Librarian use their abilities to predict enemy tactics and formations to assist the Praetorians' squads on the warfront. They also use their psychic abilities to smite their foes and protect their allies when needed. This tactics has earned the Praetorians the ire of the Black Templars chapter who do not trust them.

Moving Bunker

Using the Testudo formation to protect a squad armed with special or heavy weapons this tactics allows the Praetorians to continually keep the fire on their enemies while simultaneously preventing casualties. The tactic works as a shield wall during reloads and enemy attacks. Once the danger is lessened the shield wall splits and allows the ranged squad to open fire on their targets and then the wall re-closes to ensure their safety. This process is repeated until the formation has either reached melee range or the enemy is dead.

Rank Variation

The structure of the Ivory Praetorians is similar to what is layed out in the Codex with variations only coming from titles. Standard Marines are instead called Legionnaires which harkons back to the days of the Great Crusade which the Praetorians view with awe. Captains are called Centurions which is also a remembrance of the ancient days of the Imperium. The Chapter Master is called the Legate but may appoint a Force Commander for a certain campaign who is temporarily referred to as Legatus Minor. The Legate's Honor Guard are called the White Shields although this title is also given to Veteran marines who manage to prove themselves far beyond what their duty asks of them.

Chapter Master

Drakus Malicius is the Legate of the Ivory Praetorians and has been since it's founding. Drakus is a stoic warrior and able leader who lost faith in the Codex and was even humbled by the Chapter defeat on their prime recruiting world. Taking these lessons to heart Drakus has begun remaking the Chapter's doctrine and ensuring that they are ready for any event and that their arrogance will not let them be blind-sided again. Drakus wears Master-Crafted Mk VII Power Armor that is decorated appropriately for a Chapter Master. His helmet has a red and white plume which denotes his status. He carries a an ancient Power Gladius from the Ultramarines constructed and used during the Horus Heresy against the Traitors. He also carries a Relic Bolter into combat although it is mostly for show as he prefers melee combat. By far his most valued relic is his Iron Halo called "Atlas Maximus" which sits atop his backpack and shields him from harm.


The Ivory Praetorians are a young Chapter and as such have very little history to speak of. What little there is however is tragic at best and has changed the Chapter's outlook on war and survival. In their over-confidence the Praetorians left only a small force of Astartes (less than half a company) to guard their Prime recruiting world and refused to allow a larger PDF or Astra Militarum regiment to assist in defending the world. When the Neck Cuttaz clan were tricked into attacking this world by the cowardly Eldar's schemes the Astartes were caught off-guard and were unable to stop the massive and rapid attack of the green tide. Within days the entire world was overrun and no Imperial ships were able to respond in time to save the planet's major cities. By the time the 1st and 2nd Company had arrived to exterminate the Orks there was little left to save and Warboss Gitskwisha took his loot and fled from the system. This experience cost the Chapter greatly including all of their Tactical Dreadnought armor which now results in their lack of Terminator Squads.

The Marble Bastion

The Praetorians are based in a mobile star fortress which holds the Chapter's fortress monastery called "The Marble Bastion" due to it's stark white color. This fortress is heavily defended and holds the bulk of the Chapter's relics and armaments, the rest are held within the fleet. From this fortress the Legate plans and directs his Legionnaires until he is able to step onto the battlefield personally.

Notable Ships

  • Honorable Truth, Battlebarge
  • Valiant Hammer, Battlebarge
  • Blazing Justice, Battlebarge

Marik Baras, Blood Ravens Veteran of the Deathwatch

Marik Baras

Marik Baras is a Veteran Astartes of the Blood Ravens Chapter. He has served in the 3rd and 5th companies until earning his place among the 1st company. He has fought under the command of both Davian Thule on Kronus and Gabriel Angelos on Tartarus. Although he was originally intended to join Indrick Boreale on the Kaurava Campaign he was moved to 1st company shortly before the campaign and assigned to other missions. During the Aurelian Crusade Marik was serving a tour in the Deathwatch, preventing him from participating in the fight for the Chapter's recruiting worlds. Marik has also ran many mixed-chapter operations involving the Blood Angels, Ultramarines, and even the Black Templars. One such event was his involvement in the Blood Raven intervention on Forge World Graia assisting the Ultramarines in stopping the Chaos Warband the Chosen of Nemeroth. Marik led the Blood Raven forces that helped Captain Titus cross the bridge to the spire. After Graia he began his 3rd tour with the Deathwatch.


Marik is from the world Trontiux III and was recruited into the Blood Ravens nearly 350 Years ago and rose through the ranks swiftly with his strategic mind and unbreakable will. He admired the Librarians of the chapter and was always eager to accompany one to the warzone. This earned him favor with many of the high-ranking Psykers of the chapter and ensured his place in many of the Blood Ravens' relic-hunting missions.


Marik wears a full set of Master-Crafted Mark VII armor. Marik also has a cloth that hangs from his belt which has script from the Imperial Cult written on it. He uses a battle-worn Relic Bolter bestowed upon him by Davian Thule after the Kronus Campaign. When assisting the Ultramarines on Graia he acquired the experimental Graia Pattern Vengeance Launcher, although this weapon was not approved for off-planet use Marik had grown weary of the rumors started by other chapters that the Blood ravens stole relics from Imperial forces and decided to make use of the slander.

Battle Scars

On Tartarus Marik was wounded by the Alpha Legion specialist Thane Shinoda when Marik's squad was ambushed. A member of the squad stepped on a melta-charge and half the squad was vaporized right then. Moments after the explosion Thane appeared from cover firing his plasma Pistol and managed to kill everyone in the squad besides Marik. Marik's left leg was incinerated by the melta-charge so he crawled towards Thane with his knife in his hand and Thane left him to die with only the words "Prove Yourself Worthy Brother" as he walked away. Marik crawled 2 miles to the Blood Ravens' forward base where he was given a mechanical leg and joined back into the fight.

The Deathwatch

Marik was recruited by the Deathwatch (after ample recommendation from Gabriel Angelos) shortly after the Tartarus Campaign and proudly accepted his new position among the Xeno-exterminators. During the Aurelius Crusade he rejoined the Deathwatch and was absent from the chapter during the events that severely damaged the Blood Ravens' numbers. After Aurelia Marik returned to the chapter to assist in rebuilding their numbers and continuing their quest of knowledge, after the intervention on the forge world of Graia however Marik returned to the Deathwatch for a 3rd tour. Marik has since been involved in many classified missions to wipe out large Xeno threats, namely Eldar. Marik's extensive history of battles involving multiple Xeno forces (Kronus, Tartarus, etc) has become his greatest contribution to his team. While serving with the Deathwatch Marik befriended an Iron Hands Techmarine named Ryken Somer whose word and skill Marik holds in high regard.